A Bearded Shiba?

Hey, wait up!

Dancing Shibas?

A Shiba line?

Animoto Test

Trying out something different.

Shiba Inu in Pet First Aid iPhone App


Found this picture of a Shiba Inu in a screenshot from a review. The review is at


Yet another “Spell with Flickr”

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Another use of Flickr

Tried out a web app:


T A Candy Z Candy Z letter i Cast Iron Capital Letter E (North Scituate, RI)

Quite impressive, don’t you think?

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Thought I’d share a little about collars. Particularly as they relate to Shiba Inus. We started out with the regular nylon collar. We went to a training class where they recommended we use the metal “choke” collar, at least until Tazzie got used to walking on a leash.

It seemed like a good idea, especially given the shape of the Shibas head. It’s pretty easy for them to “back out” of a regular collar unless it’s on very tightly. The choke collar doesn’t really choke unless either dog or human pulls on it, so it doesn’t seem too bad.

Unfortunately, the choke collar seemed to “defur” Tazzie’s neck. I guess it was the constant sliding of the collar as it tightened and loosened, but it seemed to pull out her guard hairs. It made a little “bald spot” that took almost a year to grow back.

We also tried a nylon harness. She hated that. I can’t say that I blame her, it didn’t look very comfortable. We went back to the regular buckle type harness and things seemed to work.

We did manage to find another type of harness. It’s made with some stretchy material and looks quite a bit more comfortable for her. She doesn’t fight putting it on, but seems a bit different on her walks. More “restrained” in more ways than one.

Oh No! Blue Screen!





Thought I’d share a photo of Tazzie sunbathing. That double coat of fur must insulate from heat pretty well. We live in Hawaii and Tazzie seems to love to sunbathe.

Tazzie roll

Doing the Tazzie roll. You don’t get to see this often.

The rarely seen roll over.

The rarely seen roll over.

This picture was taken through a window. I don’t think she ever rolls on her back with us around.